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Tired of your glasses? Maybe you should consider contact lenses!  


Contacts are plastic lenses worn directly on the eye. They can improve the vision for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, and for those with astigmatism. They are even available for people who need bifocals.


Contacts today are made out of newer, more comfortable materials that are healthier for the eyes. These new materials provide better oxygen flow to the cornea and retain moisture to reduce dry eye. And taking care of your contact lenses is easier than ever before.


But because contact lenses are in direct contact with the eye surface, using them poses more risks than wearing glasses. If not worn and cared for properly, contact lenses can cause inflammation, infection, ulceration, and scarring. Permanent damage to the eye and vision is possible.  


The best way to reduce the risk of complications is to:


1. Discuss your desired wearing schedule with your eye doctor.  Get fitted with the contact lenses that fit your needs!

2. Follow your eye doctor’s instructions when caring for your contact lenses.

3. Replace the contact lenses as recommended.

4. Don’t sleep in your contact lenses without your eye doctor’s approval.


For general information on wearing contact lenses click HERE.


The American Optometric Association has an excellent webpage devoted to contact lenses. There are links to learn about the types of contact lenses, different care systems, caring for your contact lens case, and more.


Our doctors use all of the latest contact lens technologies, as well as some old favorites, to find the contact lenses that best suit your needs. Some things to consider before getting your next contact lens exam:


1. Am I happy with my current contact lenses?

2. Am I seeing well with my current contact lenses?

3. Do I wear my contact lenses all day?  If not, could I?  Or is discomfort limiting my wear time?

4. Do I sleep in my contact lenses?  Do I want to?

5. How often do I replace my contact lenses?  Is this schedule convenient?

6. Do I want colored contact lenses?


Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, tell your eye doctor! Help us find the contact lenses that fit you and your lifestyle.

The Basics

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